OmniSpotlight: Zoë Hedinger

OmniSpotlight: Zoë Hedinger
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Tell us a little bit about you and your background

I'm originally from a village called Sunningdale in Berkshire, UK, but I've lived by the seaside in Brighton for about seven years now. I started out in client-facing project management (after a brief spell in cake decorating with a couple of London bakery internships) and transitioned into Customer Success within the digital learning sector. I still enjoy baking - mostly miniature cakes  these days - and I managed to squeeze in a sailing course during the pandemic last year, which I intend to put to good use in the future!

What do you do at Omnipresent?

I am a Customer Success Manager in the Operations department. I oversee onboardings, turning what can be a quite a complex process into as simple an experience as possible for both our clients and their employees. I'm also building out our Customer Success function and strategy, making sure we become a key part of our clients' journeys as they venture into remote employment.

What do you like most about your role?

I was the first Customer Success hire at Omnipresent, and joined one day before our Head of Operations, so it's been incredible to help shape how we work from such an early stage. I'm surrounded (virtually) by super smart, motivated people, and I communicate with clients, employees and partners from all corners of the globe on a daily basis, which never fails to amaze me.I also had no idea how much I'd enjoy learning about all the intricacies of international employment law - it's more interesting than you might think!

How did you come to work at Omnipresent and what about Omnipresent's mission resonated with you?

I had been exploring the idea of fully remote work for a while before I joined Omnipresent, and was frustrated by the lack of opportunities. I realised I had taken my proximity to cities for granted my whole life, and it suddenly seemed ridiculous that despite all the tools available to us, distance to an office is still a major factor when choosing a place to live. I really believe in the democratisation of work via the remote revolution, and the flexibility, balance and adventure that comes with it.

What are the biggest benefits to working remotely for you?

I think it's all about freedom. Freedom to work in complete silence or blast the Moana soundtrack (basically the only two possibilities at my desk) but more importantly, the freedom to move. I have been longing to travel but I just couldn't see a path that allowed me to continue building a career I love whilst seeing more of the world. Now, travel restrictions-permitting, my partner and I are selling our flat and making plans to sail our way through the Mediterranean - and maybe beyond.

How are you managing the challenges of working remotely?

My desk is currently at the end of my bed, so it's the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see at night! It can be difficult to switch off and sometimes I find myself working into the evening. For me, it's important to schedule non-work activities and stick to them just as I would a team meeting or deadline. It's easier said than done, but just takes practice and discipline.I prioritise taking a proper lunch break at the same time every day, and in warmer weather I try to imitate a short commute by going for a walk to start the day. I couldn't live without my scheduled gym sessions either. It's also important to chat with your colleagues in a non-work context, whether that's a quick Slack message or a cross-team Zoom social.

Lastly, what's the most interesting place you have visited and why?

I visited Slovenia in 2018 and I recommend it to everyone. I especially fell in love with the So?a Valley, where a bright blue river runs through the Julian Alps. The Tolmin Gorges are just magical - it's like walking through a fairy tale.

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Zoë Hedinger

Zoë joined as Omnipresent's first Customer Success Manager and is currently based in the UK.

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