George Britton

George Britton

George Britton is the Director of Sales at Omnipresent, known for his rapid career advancement and leadership in sales across tech companies and is praised for his sales acumen and team guidance.

George Britton is a distinguished sales professional, currently serving as the Director of Sales at Omnipresent. His career showcases a swift ascent through various sales leadership roles, including Head of Sales at both Sideways 6 and Apperio, Global Head of Sales at BridgeU, and multiple positions at GoCardless, where he contributed to significant projects. Before these roles, he was involved in sales and client management at TheFork UK and OpenMarket, and began his career focusing on cloud computing solutions in the construction industry at Sword CTSpace.

Educationally, George holds a BSc in Accounting with Economics from the University of Bristol, where he was also the President of the Rugby Union club, and studied at the Université de Toulouse – Faculté de Sciences Sociales. He is highly regarded by colleagues for his exceptional sales and leadership skills, methodical work approach, and his ability to clearly guide and support his team, alongside his professional demeanor and proactive client engagement.


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