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"I wanted that flexibility to be able to source candidates in any country in Europe"

Company Daltrey
Location Sydney, Australia
Industry Software Development / Data Security
Employees 25-50

How Omnipresent helped Daltrey overcome tech talent shortages in Australia

Daltrey is a biometric cyber-defense company. They design and deliver next-generation biometric authentication tools to help businesses navigate a world with perpetual cyber threats.

They're making data security more robust with an easily deployed impersonation-resistant Unique Identity Authentication (UIA) solution for safer access to digital and physical spaces across any organization. And by securing who has access, they're protecting what matters most – business, people, and data.

A lack of specialist tech candidates made Daltrey look beyond borders

Daltrey is a deep tech company. So recruiting highly skilled tech professionals is a priority. Their ideal candidates are specialists in DevOps, senior software engineers, and mobile developers.

But restricting their search to Australia and New Zealand proved to be a challenge. The ongoing talent shortages made it difficult to find the right candidates. So the team decided to expand their search abroad. They chose to partner with Omnipresent to help onboard and pay new hires compliantly.

Making the switch between Employer of Record (EOR) providers

Before partnering with Omnipresent, Daltrey had been using another EOR provider. But the team wasn’t confident in the provider’s coverage in Europe. And that’s where they wanted to focus their hiring efforts. So they needed an EOR that could enable them to hire throughout the region.

That’s when Sarah Lilley, Director of People and Culture at Daltrey, found Omnipresent. Our experts reassured her that we could onboard talent quickly and compliantly in over 160 countries worldwide. This helped her feel more relaxed, confident, and comfortable switching to Omnipresent. Since then, we’ve helped Daltrey hire in Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Cyprus.

Peace of mind with Omnipresent

Omnipresent has given Sarah peace of mind. We take care of global onboarding, payroll, and compliance, so she can focus on her people.

Sarah is particularly impressed by our expert support and customer service. She knows her account manager can provide clear guidance whenever she hires in a new country. And she's comforted that Omnipresent always provides an excellent employee experience.

Sarah also looks to Omnipresent to support existing team members and their needs. Recently, Daltrey had an employee from Portugal who needed to move to Italy for a few months. Sarah’s account manager was quick to assist her with this query. They told Sarah that the employee could work in Italy for six months without changing contracts. Sarah knows she can rely on our team’s expert knowledge and experience to save her time and hassle.

With Omnipresent, Sarah and her team can hire the world’s best talent with ease.

Are you looking for support to hire international candidates? Talk to us and find out how we can help.

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