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Complete compliance

Hire compliantly in 160 countries and counting

Every country has its own employment laws and regulations, so hiring internationally is complex. Standards of security for employee data are also demanding. Let our experts take care of compliance and complexity, so you can hire anywhere with confidence.

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Pain Points

Remote locations can feel very foreign

Tapping into new markets introduces several risks and variables

Regulations vary from location to location, and compliance needs in-country expertise and legal expertise. This brings exposure to your HR team.


Employee and organization data protection quickly becomes costly and robust.

Companies need to invest massively in infrastructure to pass regulations. 

The rules and regulations are constantly changing, creating a perpetual moving target. 

The Omnipresent Experience

Connect the world. Remain compliant

Ensure that all employees feel like a priority!

Remove either all risk, or establish a controlled minimum of risk when finding the best talent to build your team and achieve your vision.


Experience the trifecta of security, privacy and compliance for employee and client data.

Understand “hot markets” for talent and specialties to round out your team. 

Enable your HR and internal talent to focus on what they are experts in, and leave the global compliance to us. 


Master International Compliance standards

You need strong data security, privacy and compliance to mitigate risk. From secure hosting,  to 3rd party penetration testing and GDPR compliance, Omnipresent was designed with this in our DNA.

the future of work enablers of the remote

160 countries and counting

Omnipresent’s solutions are compliant across 160+ countries, and we are not stopping there.

Deeply personal, infinitely private

Client and Employee data is encrypted and stored in compliance with stringent security standards. 

An extension of your team

Clients and employees get support from global experts in employment law, benefits and payroll. Both human expertise and automation. 

Avoid regulatory violations and getting fined when building your global team.

Leave global compliance to the experts

Benefit from:

  • Robust contracts from a team of top lawyers with local knowledge
  • Country-specific information, regularly reviewed by leading global law firms
  • Visa support and sponsorship in over 50 countries
  • Rigorous data protection standards:
    • SOC2 Type 1 compliance
    • GDPR compliance
    • Leading protocols and algorithms (AES-256 /TLS 1.2 /TLS 1.3)

Read our reviews


Jerad Leigh


Omnipresent has been an invaluable part of Supercede's growth journey allowing us to focus on finding the best talent for our business regardless of location. Managing our rapidly growing global team in one place is a life-saver!


Josh Holat

Chief Technology Officer


"We can rely on Omnipresent to handle the complexity of Canadian payroll, compliance and other administrative tasks."


Daniel Aisen


During the evaluation phase, all we did was bake off their proposal against several competitors, and it spoke for itself. Since choosing them, they have delivered on their promises 100%.

supercede employee case study

Marc-Aurèle Jules

VP Operations


"Being employed via Omnipresent allowed me to fully explore the benefits of remote work."

Our clients rate us over 4.7 out of 5.
Want to see why?

Source: Trustpilot and G2 reviews in November 2022

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Excellent Employee Experience

The best employees warrant the best employee experience, which is priority number one.

Gain peace of mind

Omnipresent has your back from onboarding all the way to offboarding across the world.

Unlock extraordinary value

Superior employee experience also results in better candidates and lower turnover, for less cost.