How Managers Are Investing in Remote and Hybrid Team Success

More and more companies are permanently transitioning to remote and hybrid work models. The question now is how they can invest in long-term team success. We partnered up with Remote Social to find out what investments managers are making to support their remote and hybrid teams. Our report details how managers are building a robust workplace culture and how you can do the same for your distributed team.

How Managers Are Investing in Remote and Hybrid Team Success

Remote and hybrid work models have become the new normal. While initially a large-scale response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have already made the transition to remote or hybrid work more permanent. The question that remains is how these companies should invest in the culture of their remote and hybrid teams to ensure long-term success.

We’ve teamed up with Remote Social, an interactive platform that brings teams together online, to understand how managers around the world are planning for and investing in these new work models and their teams.

Our report provides answers to some of the key questions about the trend, including:

  1. Is there a preference for permanently transitioning to remote or hybrid work?
  2. What do companies need to prioritize when making the transition to a new way of working?
  3. How much do they need to budget for remote and hybrid team success?
  4. What aspects of workplace culture should companies invest in?
  5. How can businesses build an inclusive workplace for both on- and off-site staff?

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Remote Social is where remote and hybrid teams come together to build connection and culture. Supporting over 250 teams in 35 countries, Remote Social’s all-in-one platform provides an evolving offering of tools and activities designed to strengthen culture, wellbeing and connection. You can join Remote Social and create your account here for free.

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