Work from Anywhere: How International Businesses Are Embracing New Working Practices

Work from Anywhere: How International Businesses Are Embracing New Working Practices

Work from anywhere policies are gaining traction amongst global businesses. We teamed up with PerchPeek to find out how employers are managing the transition to work from anywhere. Our report explains which companies are working from anywhere, what challenges they’re facing, and what support is available to make work from anywhere work for your business.

As remote and hybrid work policies have become increasingly popular, so has “work from anywhere.” 

Work from anywhere (WFA) refers to a workplace policy that allows employees to work from a location of their choosing, whether it be in a different city or another country entirely. This emerging work model poses unique opportunities and challenges for employers and managers, many of whom are navigating it for the very first time.  

How Are Managers Transitioning to “Work from Anywhere”?

We recently partnered with Perchpeek, a mobility and relocations provider, to understand how global managers are approaching work from anywhere and what they need to make the transition work for their businesses.

1. Which companies are open to work-from-anywhere policies?

2. Who are the greatest advocates of work from anywhere?

3. What role will the physical office play for companies embracing work from anywhere?

4. What are the challenges companies face when transitioning to a work-from-anywhere model?

5. What further support do companies need to make work from anywhere work for them?

The work-from-anywhere movement is well underway. Download the full report to discover what we found and how it could apply to your business.

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