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Value for money

Omnipresent saves you time and money

Managing international employees takes time away from HR, Legal, and Finance. Fortunately, our intelligent automation and expert support make your business a whole lot more time-efficient. So your teams can focus on growing your business and boosting your bottom line.


Spend less than half the time on vendor management

Onboarding & One-Off Processes
Task management < 1 hr 1-2 hrs
Contract customization 4 hrs 5 hrs
Contract review 1 hr 4 hrs
Document issuing/collation 0 hrs 2-3 hrs
Month 1 time cost 6 hrs 13 hrs
Employee contact points 0 hr 2 hrs
Payslips and questions 0 hrs 1 hrs
General Inquiries 1-2 hr 3-4 hrs
Offboarding 4 hrs 8-10 hrs
Monthly time cost 6 hrs 15.5 hrs
Data source: Estimates from vetted interviews with clients and prospects.

Pain Points

Hiring abroad is not a DIY job

Venturing out alone is expensive for internal and external teams

Lawyers, Accountants and third party compliance advice get extremely expensive fast. In addition to cost, rules and regulations are hyper specific and constantly evolving.


Lock-in contracts, hidden fees, limited vendor discounts all compound your costs. 

Internal teams are immediately burdened with tasks that fall outside of their purview and depth. 

Global hires can become much more expensive than originally anticipated without the right partner. 

The Omnipresent Experience

More money to reinvest

Having an expert who changes DIY to 'Done' with ease

Direct cost is a small part of the overall cost of borderless hiring, and your investment will enable you to retain better candidates, reducing your churn.


Immense cost-saving over a do-it-yourself option, designed to scale with you and your organization. 

You have more time back from not having to focus your energy on legal and compliance aspects of hiring. 

Repeatable, scaleable higher return on investment than alternative providers based on Omnipresent’s model. 


Onboard a team of friendly experts to take things off your teams’ hands

We enable you focus on the main value you deliver to the company - finding the best talent on earth. We take care of the rest.


Automation where it counts

Omnipresent has designed a product that drives efficiency throughout the onboarding process and dramatically reduces costs. 

Continual reduction of time

Employee contract points, payslip queries and other questions are reduced with Omnipresent’s platform and people. 

Grow your remote footprint 3x

Current clients trust Omnipresent to partner with us to grow their remote footprints by 3x annually. 

Take the first step in lowering your global expansion costs.

Don’t risk losing your best talent

Research tells us it takes just two mistakes with payroll, onboarding, or contracts before employees start looking for a job elsewhere. Your best talent needs the best employee experience, so let our experts take care of it for you.

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What our clients say



Omnipresent has been an invaluable part of Supercede's growth journey allowing us to focus on finding the best talent for our business regardless of location. Managing our rapidly growing global team in one place is a life-saver!


Marie Favre


Omnipresent is there for us whenever we need them, responding to our employees needs and queries across all timezones.


Josh Holat


Omnipresent was able to quickly onboard Cube's Engineering employee in Canada. Cube was grateful that it could rely on Omnipresent to handle compliance, Canada's complex payroll system as well as other administrative tasks.

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We take immense care when it comes to your talent. See other ways we’re designed to help

Endless value. Immediate return.

Excellent Employee Experience

The best employees warrant the best employee experience, which is priority number one.

Achieve compliance

Clients get support from global experts in employment law, benefits and payroll.

Gain peace of mind

Omnipresent has your back from onboarding all the way to offboarding across the world.

Our clients have grown their remote footprints with us by an average of 3x a year. Want to see why?