Employing Remotely in Belarus: Tapping into the Local Tech-talent Pool

As of 2021, Omnipresent is operating in one of Europe’s top tech-talent hubs - Belarus!

Employing Remotely in Belarus: Tapping into the Local Tech-talent Pool
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We have great news to share: Omnipresent is now operational in Belarus. The country is garnering a lot of attention for its outstanding talent pool, particularly in the tech industry. The high skill level and adaptability of talent in Belarus are two of the many factors that are making the country attractive to remote employers. Here we outline what to expect when employing remotely in Belarus and how Omnipresent can help you compliantly employ the best talent in the country.

A Growing Tech Hub

Over the last decade, Belarus has been touted as a magnet for sourcing tech talent in Europe. This is rooted in the region’s historic role as a tech centre in the Soviet Union. Renowned tech companies like Viber and World of Tanks were founded here. And the country also has its own Silicon Valley variant, the Hi-Tech Park in Minsk, to showcase its innovative environment. 

The employers mostly sourcing talent here are tech-based and mainly located in the US and Western Europe, with Belarus ranked at 49 out of 200 countries worldwide for ease of doing business. Due to the great business conditions, the market for hiring IT professionals in Belarus is growing about 4 to 5 times faster than anywhere else in the world, closely tied with the development markets of Ukraine and Poland.

Employees in Belarus are....

  1. Experienced
  2. Highly Educated
  3. Have Solid English skills

These are the key factors which make Belarusian employees so popular amongst global tech companies. The strong IT and tech grounding of the country’s education sector provide the optimal environment for nurturing young talent in this sector. As our global survey findings also show, a good level of English amongst tech talent also makes remote employment much easier and more attractive for global companies.

In addition, local living expenses are lower. This will be useful to know when you calculate the salary benchmark for employees in Belarus.

New Employment Regulations & Remote Work

Generally, employment contracts in Belarus can be permanent or fixed-term. However, there are some conditions for fixed-term agreements. Previously, employers needed to prove that an employment agreement cannot be indefinite due to the nature of the work being performed. 

Yet recent amendments to the labour code have extended the reasons to form fixed-term contracts as well as the list of people who may conclude them.These amendments now make it easier for employers to sign fixed-term contracts and provide them with a broader range of employment opportunities. You will need to consider whether your company and employee fit the bill for signing a fixed-term contract or whether a permanent contract may be safer. 

Furthermore, new regulations on remote work stipulate that the same labour laws regulating on-site employment apply to remote working. The same benefits and rights apply. This also means remote employees are entitled to the same forms of leave. Parental leave in Belarus, for example, is generous, with mother’s receiving 126 days of paid maternity leave, but can take up to 3 years of unpaid leave with their jobs secured until they return. Paternity leave has also been extended. 

An important point to keep in mind, however, is that your remote employee must be present when signing an employment agreement. 

Taxes & Contributions

Generally, employees’ income in Belarus is taxed at a flat rate of 13%. Tax rules do also vary in particular instances, for example, for people employed at the Hi-Tech Park. 

In addition, pension and social security payments are 1% of an employee’s monthly income. The employer, however, pays the following contributions:

  • 28% for Pension Fund
  • 6% for Social Security
  • 0.6% Insurance fees (against accidents at work & professional disease)

Unlike other growing tech-hubs like Armenia, where employers are not obliged to pay for employees’ welfare and benefits, social security contributions are largely shouldered by the employer in Belarus. As an employer, the onus will be on you to make sure taxes are paid correctly and at the right time.

Omnipresent Employs Top Talent for You

As a global Employer of Record (EOR), Omnipresent employs top talent in Belarus on our clients’ behalf. This means that you don’t have to open a foreign subsidiary in order to employ locally. We shoulder the burden of employing by taking over all your HR admin and payroll.

We take compliance very seriously. Our dedicated team will make sure all your needs are met and you stay on the right side of the law. We are also always ready to advise on any potential difficulties that may arise.

The greatest perk of remote employment is being able to draw on an incredibly diverse talent pool. By employing with Omnipresent, you don’t need to miss out on hiring the right tech talent in Belarus and beyond.

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