Top Countries to Find International Remote Workers to Fill Talent Gaps

Top Countries to Find International Remote Workers to Fill Talent Gaps
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Skill gaps have caused companies to rethink their hiring strategies and place more strategic focus on employee retention efforts. But while workforce skill gaps and turnover have existed for quite some time, they have been exacerbated over the past few years. In the U.S. for instance, the past few years have been fairly volatile for skilled workers. A recent survey of 600 HR professionals found that 69% of respondents reported a skill gap at their company, with half of them reporting around 20% of vacant positions remaining unfilled during the last year.

Establishing a talent pipeline is fundamental in achieving future success with your workforce, but this long-term strategy is just that: long term. In the meantime, one of the best ways to fill talent gaps is by tapping into the global talent pool and making international remote hires, facilitated by efficient global mobility services.. No longer are you tied down to finding talent locally, so why not expand your search to every corner of the planet?

But don't be intimidated! We've put together this guide to highlight the best countries to find international remote workers.

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Spain's technology infrastructure, affordable healthcare, lower cost of living, and more have made it one of the most attractive countries to find remote workers. Nomad visas are fairly easy to acquire, which has created a large talent pool of remote workers with minimal bureaucratic red tape. As the 14th-largest economy in the world, and steadily growing, it's a desirable place to live for workers from around the globe. Spain offers fairly comprehensive worker protections, making it more difficult to terminate employees, but the reasonable employment costs and talent pool make it a very desirable hiring destination.

Remote Hiring in Spain at a Glance

  • Employment Costs: Average
  • Minimum Wage: €1,080.00 per month (over 14 months)
  • Annual Paid Leave: 23 days
  • Termination Notice Period: Hard. It is difficult to terminate an employee legally other than for gross misconduct. A formal process must be followed before a termination notice can be issued.


Canada is a prime location for remote hiring, particularly if you're from the US or UK. Canadian employees are more likely to be already accustomed to aspects of your company’s work culture, despite some minor differences. Additionally, Canada's overall quality of life, healthcare, and education systems contribute to a talented, versatile labor pool.

Remote Hiring in Canada at a Glance

  • Employment Costs: Low
  • Minimum Wage: Federal — CAD 16.65 per hour; minimum wage varies by province
  • Annual Paid Leave: 10 days
  • Termination Notice Period: Simple


When looking to hire in Germany, be sure that you're looking for a long-term, dedicated hire. Germany has many worker protections and ever-evolving labor laws that tend to favor workers. The country's high-quality education, training programs, and excellent quality of life have created an economic powerhouse. While hiring remotely in Germany can be more costly than its European counterparts, you can rest easy knowing you'll get what you pay for through highly educated, skilled workers.

Remote Hiring in Germany at a Glance

  • Employment Costs: High
  • Minimum Wage: EUR 12 per hour
  • Annual Paid Leave: 20 days
  • Termination Notice Period: Hard. Employees can be terminated without cause in the first six months of employment. After that period, a cause must be socially justified, which is rather difficult to do. 

Read '8 labor laws in Germany to be aware of when hiring abroad' for more information.

New Zealand

This small island country provides big value to companies looking to hire abroad. With low employment costs, standard pay rates, and no requirements regarding mandatory benefits or health insurance, New Zealand employees are relatively low cost, yet well trained. Many costs of employment are not federally mandated, but rather are outlined within the employment agreement. 

Remote Hiring in New Zealand at a Glance

  • Employment Costs: Low
  • Minimum Wage: NZD 22.70 per hour
  • Annual Paid Leave: 20 days
  • Termination Notice Period: Medium. Only termination with cause is permitted, with genuine grounds required. Depending on the role, about four weeks' notice of termination is standard.


Poland has one of Europe's fastest growing economies, making it a hotbed for foreign investment and remote hiring opportunities. As a member of the European Union (EU), Poland offers some protections for its workers through mandatory health and retirement benefits, although the cost of employment remains low when compared to other EU nations. Poland's well-educated populace and social safety nets make it a great contender for expanding your international workforce and hiring happy, satisfied employees.

Remote Hiring in Poland at a Glance

  • Employment Costs: Average
  • Minimum Wage: PLN 22.80 per hour
  • Annual Paid Leave: 20 days
  • Termination Notice Period: Simple. Notice periods range from three days to two weeks during probation periods and two weeks to three months post-probation, depending on the length of service.


In recent years, Hungary's economy has seen a boost due to Foreign Direct Investments, allowing newer industries — medical technology, ecommerce, and more — to grow. It is a tax-friendly country, making it prime for investment and expansion opportunities with low overhead. With average cost of living and average employment costs, Hungary presents low-risk employment opportunities without sacrificing the integrity of work.

Remote Hiring in Hungary at a Glance

  • Employment Costs: Average
  • Minimum Wage: HUF 232,000 per month
  • Annual Paid Leave: 20 days
  • Termination Notice Period: Termination can be without cause during a probation period. Otherwise, it must be with cause, with contractual notice, and with a minimum notice period of 30 days.


More often than not, Switzerland is near the top of the international leaderboards when it comes to quality of life. Its renowned and affordable education system, clean cities, comprehensive infrastructure, and scenic beauty make it a highly desirable place to live and work. Switzerland boasts a thriving economy and a talented workforce. While it may be more expensive to hire there, you know you're getting a nice bang for your buck.

Remote Hiring in Switzerland at a Glance

  • Employment Costs: High
  • Minimum Wage: Switzerland does not have a minimum wage, although OECD reports estimate the average annual salary to be EUR 61,450
  • Annual Paid Leave: 20 days
  • Termination Notice Period: Simple. Termination can be without cause but requires a minimum notice of one month, which increases depending on the years of service.

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