How to Streamline Onboarding Process for International Employees

Paying global employees involves more than simply adding them to your company’s existing payroll. Creating a thorough global compensation strategy protects you from potential tax or compliance issues and builds positive morale in your team.

How to Streamline Onboarding Process for International Employees
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Globalization is the driving force of the modern business climate. It has granted companies access to a vast and diverse talent pool capable of invigorating organizations with their unique skill sets and fresh perspectives.

However, the intricate dance of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding takes on new levels of difficulty for HR teams when international hires enter the picture. Legal compliance, cultural sensitivity, and logistical coordination can add wrinkles to an already complex process.

If you are interested in global employment, it’s something that you must proactively prepare for ahead of time so your new hire can hit the ground running. 

Wondering how to streamline your remote onboarding process for international employees?

Benefits of a Streamlined Onboarding Process

When it comes to onboarding new talent, leading companies—especially international brands—can’t afford to undervalue this task. It’s not just another process in the operations department; it’s a defining moment, a chance to make a lasting first impression on a new remote employee. It sets the tone for the entire employee experience and can increase retention by as much as 82%. 

Onboard correctly, and you not only safeguard your organization but also lay the foundation for a positive and supportive experience that improves recruiting and employee retention. And the benefits of streamlined onboarding extend beyond a positive first impression:

  • Better employee experience – Tailoring your employee onboarding process to support new hires while addressing cultural differences helps new international hires adapt more quickly and feel more at home. It's the first step in a long-term, positive journey that demonstrates to new hires that you care about their development and want to foster a more inclusive work environment.
  • Faster time-to-productivity – Remote onboarding is an expensive and time-consuming process. A well-structured onboarding process can reduce the time it takes for new hires to reach their full productivity. The sooner they can begin contributing directly to the bottom line, the better.
  • Legal compliance – By fully understanding and adhering to the specific legal requirements of each country, the onboarding process minimizes the risk of costly legal complications.
  • Enhanced team collaboration and communication – Efficient onboarding fosters team cohesion by integrating new hires with their team and the broader organization, promoting collaboration and shared goals.
  • Stronger employer branding and culture – A smooth onboarding experience reflects well on the organization's reputation, enhancing its attractiveness to future top talents wherever they may hail from.

How To Streamline the Onboarding Process 

Onboarding international employees is a nuanced journey, consisting of different pivotal phases—each with its own challenges and opportunities. Master these phases and you’ll lay a supportive foundation for growth. 

Here's a chronological walkthrough of the employee onboarding process with key aspects to consider:


Before even posting the job ad, the planning phase sets the tone for the entire onboarding journey. It's about laying the groundwork, ensuring legal compliance, and leveraging modern tools to build an efficient onboarding process. 

You should already be a well-oiled machine before your international hiring process even begins. Tips to keep in mind include: 

  • Staying well-versed with hiring laws and local regulations – Understanding the legal landscape is an essential way to protect your business and its workers. Make sure to research local and federal labor laws, such as remote worker tax rules as well as employee compensation and benefits packages, to remain compliant and avoid unexpected surprises down the line. 
  • Utilizing technology – Leveraging technology will streamline the process, making tasks more efficient and enabling smoother communication. Especially for remote onboarding, the right software can make the entire process more efficient from start to finish. 
  • Creating clear onboarding guides and checklists – A well-defined onboarding checklist and guide sets clear expectations for both the company and the new hire. Detailing every step ensures that no critical component is overlooked.

The First Week

The first week is all about setting the right tone from day one. It lays the foundation for the employee's perception of the organization, meaning your goal should be to make them feel welcome, settled, supported, and an integral part of the team. 

From finalizing paperwork to setting up workstations, this phase is critical to ease the transition for the new international employee. Tips to keep in mind include:

  • Streamlining paperwork – Handling administrative details promptly and efficiently helps the new hire focus on the job rather than getting bogged down with forms. Make sure all legal documents, contracts, and other necessary paperwork are prepared and easy to manage and sign.
  • Providing essential resources – Whether it's a laptop, access to necessary platforms, or even a guide to local amenities, make sure everything is ready to facilitate a smooth start.
  • Organizing orientation and training – Scheduling introductory meetings, tours, and training sessions can set the new employee on the right path. By familiarizing them with the company's culture, values, expectations, and team members, you can make the entire experience feel less alien. 
  • Setting clear goals and expectations – During the first week, clearly outline the new hire's responsibilities and expected contributions. Establishing benchmarks or key performance indicators (KPIs) helps provide clear direction and sets a standard for what success looks like in their role.
  • Creating a supportive environment – Assigning a mentor or a buddy system can offer personalized support, helping the new hire feel connected and engaged from day one.

Ongoing Integration

Long-term onboarding success goes far beyond the first week. Ongoing support, collaboration, and development foster a positive and productive environment that aligns individual growth with organizational goals. To that end, focus on: 

  • Scheduling regular check-ins and feedback – Schedule periodic meetings with new hires to provide ongoing support.
  • Enhancing team collaboration – Continue to strengthen camaraderie and teamwork via activities and introductions.
  • Focusing on employee development – Emphasize ongoing growth and alignment with organizational needs so that employees feel challenged, valued, and supported.

Onboarding with Omnipresent 

Without proper planning and foresight, international onboarding can feel like you’re wandering around in a maze. But there are ways to make it more accessible and efficient such as adding global HR services.

Enter Omnipresent. From beginning to end, we can streamline the entirety of the onboarding and offboarding processes, helping you craft enticing employment offers to attract top-notch talent, create compliant employment contracts, utilize exclusive onboarding software, and much more. 

Whether your offices are spread out across different cities or even different continents, Omnipresent is here to shape an engaging and consistent onboarding process that unites your entire global team.

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