An Interview with Blake Kraft

An interview and personal story of why Blake, our sales executive, joined Omnipresent.

An Interview with Blake Kraft
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At Omnipresent, we are extremely proud of the diverse team we have built from all around the world and how they have personally identified with Omnipresent's mission. This week, let's hear from Blake Kraft, our sales account executive and his inspiring journey.

Tell us a little bit about you and your background.

My name is Blake and I'm originally from Sacramento, California. I'm the oldest of 3 boys and graduated from the University of Oregon in 2012. I've spent the last 7 years doing tech-sales in San Francisco, but recently moved back home to Sacramento to be closer to family.‍

What do you do at Omnipresent?

Sales! We help our clients scale their most important asset... their people. I have the honor of introducing ourselves and working to solve our client's international employment needs.

What do you like most about your role?

I love working with companies to help solve their problems. I help our clients and prospective clients navigate the complex and ever-changing world of international employment by providing them definitive answers to complex questions. We equip our clients with accurate and reliable information so they can compliantly and scale and grow their international teams.

How did you come to work at Omnipresent and what about Omnipresent's mission resonated with you?

I was introduced to Matt, our co-founder, through a mutual connection and Omnipresent investor.

What we do, breaks down barriers and gives our clients access to an international pool of talent. Remote work levels the playing field and opens up opportunities for people who previously wouldn't be considered because they didn't live or commute near a company's physical HQ. Now, the best candidate for the job, regardless of where they live, can get the job. Competition forges innovation and pushes everyone forward. I'm excited to have a front-row seat to watch the remote-work movement continue to unfold.

What are the biggest benefits to working remotely for you?

The biggest benefit for me is being able to live closer to family. My father was in a bad car accident a few years back, so being close to him and being able to help my mother is everything. Because of Omnipresent, I don't need to live in a traditional tech hub to work for a disruptive and inspiring company.

How are you managing the challenges of working remotely?

Overall, I think it's great. Omnipresent is still a startup, so there's a ton to do. It's tempting to just hop on your laptop and start working whenever now because you're at your office 24/7. It's important to set boundaries, but also set aside structured time for dedicated work. I find having rigid calendar management to be my key to success here.

Lastly, what’s the most interesting place you have visited and why?

Africa. I've only been to a few countries in Africa, but the nature, history, and people are unmatched.

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Blake Kraft

Blake leads Sales at Omnipresent. Prior to Omnipresent, Blake was an early employee at Front leading Sales and Partnerships for 5+ years. He is based in Sacramento, California and hold a Bachelors of Science from the University of Oregon.

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