"We can really rely on Omnipresent to look after us, and give our team members a great experience."

Flo Chapple

Head of People, Layer.ai

How Layer Hires the World’s Best Data Scientists with Omnipresent
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Layer is a collaboration-first machine learning platform. The company enables data teams to build, train, track, and share data science projects simply with just a few lines of code.

Global ambitions need global employment solutions

Layer aims to speed up machine learning, advancing scientific discovery and enabling businesses to utilize their data more efficiently. These lofty goals mean hiring the smartest data scientists, wherever they may be located around the world. 

Burak Özen, a candidate for their Head of Data Science role, made a huge impression on Layer’s founders. Burak also loved everything about Layer’s mission and product. But there was one issue: he was based in the Netherlands, a country where Layer didn’t have an entity to employ him compliantly. Layer was concerned about entering into a contractor relationship with Burak given the complexities of doing so, as well as the experience Burak would miss out on by not being a full-time employee. They needed a simple and speedy way of hiring him compliantly. That’s where Omnipresent came in. 

Peace of mind for Layer and a great experience for employees

Layer was able to hire Burak through our Employer of Record (EOR) service. In simple terms, it means Omnipresent legally employs Burak but he remains fully integrated into the Layer team. This  allows Burak to live the life he loves in Amsterdam while doing incredible work for Layer. Everyone wins.

Tapping into the world’s best talent with ease

Now empowered to hire anyone, anywhere, Layer continues to seek out the world’s best talent to propel their business forward. They can stay competitive and drive innovation by hiring top talent, safe in the knowledge that Omnipresent will handle localized employment compliance, tax, and benefits on their behalf. Layer now has people employed through Omnipresent in France, Kenya, Finland, United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, and Poland.

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