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Omnipresent Introduces New Branding

Omnipresent announces its new look for the global employment services brand 18 months after the company first launched. The new branding includes a logo rebrand, color scheme, and font, all applied to the company's newly launched website. 

In 12 short months, Omnipresent expanded its services to 150 countries and regions, and raised two rounds of funding from investors. The abrupt shift to remote work left many companies struggling to find new tech solutions to meet their employees' demands. As the scope of Omnipresent's role grew with its client, along with the team's growth, it was essential to update the brand to reflect its new realities.

"We wanted the new brand to highlight who we are now," said Linda Wang, Head of Marketing at Omnipresent. "It also represents the new international working standards we are setting for global teams everywhere. We support our clients in hiring the best talent, wherever they are. We make this possible by providing a seamless service so that they can focus on building their business globally and 'becoming omnipresent.'"

New Omnipresent Logo

The new logo construct reflects the core of Omnipresent's business: a support to the global approach to hiring talent. The geometric shapes and interplay between them and the white space reflect the company's service: it is focused, clear-cut, and seamless. 

The logo uses circles and straight lines that showcase its quiet, strong, and supportive presence for its clients. The company's perfect letter 'O' inspired the logo, which also mimics a globe. The arcs create an outer circle with a central and even aperture to symbolize being open-ended and dynamic. The intersection and selective subtraction of the quarters that make the arches form an internal circle focusing on being simple at the core and the company's ability to adapt to the specific needs of its clients.

The company name within the logo is written in lowercase and in black, reflecting its quietly solid and supportive presence for clients.


New Corporate Colors 

The new corporate color scheme is monochrome with a splash of pink - representing bold simplicity. Business should be in black and white for clients, but the bright color of the pink demonstrates the brand's ability to confront the complex. 

"While what we do may be complex, we make sure it's just the opposite for our clients," continued Wang. "We're here to manage the grey areas so that our clients can focus on the black and white decisions that matter. Our focus and priority continue to be providing a high-quality, expert-led service that our clients can rely on for their employment needs."

The choice of fusion pink provides a bright complement to the black and white to convey the dynamic edge that drives this young company. It also represents an unapologetic desire to modernize the traditional Employer of Record (EOR) service and raise standards for how businesses grow internationally in this digital era.


Omnipresent's branded colors of Fusion Pink, Black, and White, with HEX, RGB, and CMYK codes for each.
Omnipresent Brand Colors


Newly Branded Website

Omnipresent's new website builds on the company's vision of being a modern and diverse business. Its bold colors, distinctive design aesthetic, and natural photography style outline a clear statement of the work they perform for global teams every day. 

Omnipresent continues its work to help every employer and employee know that they can work anywhere, remotely. The new branding will help with its recognition among employers to continue to work towards their vision to make global teams work.

Global employment partner Omnipresent provides client-focused, tech-enabled business solutions combined with personalized expertise to support hiring people globally. Businesses aiming to go global can hire and manage employees compliantly in more than 165 countries through the OmniPlatform, Omnipresent’s proprietary digital platform and SaaS product. Companies can easily integrate HR administrative duties, including payroll, expenses, taxes, and benefits, to let them focus on growing their business. As a fully remote company with no corporate headquarters, Omnipresent has grown from a team of two to more than 350 people distributed throughout 50+ countries worldwide since November 2019.

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