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BrainSightAI Wins Award at The Omnis for Setting New Remote Work Standards

Remote work is here to stay and many companies around the world are struggling to find the best ways for asynchronous and hybrid working. BrainSightAI from Bengaluru, however, has been recognised with an award from The Omnis' for its outstanding work in bringing their teams together as a remote work hero.

BrainSightAI beat out dozens of applicants from around the world for The Omnis’ first awards program, hosted by Omnipresent, that celebrates global teams that have adapted to a new normal of working remotely.

Feedback From The Judges

BrainSightAI’s submission stood out from the rest for the complete overhaul from an in-person, synchronous business to a fully hybrid, asynchronous model.

“The BrainSightAI achievement was remarkable. They set out in 2019 to build a complex application that required a lot of interaction with clinicians, patients, and carers, as well as, presumably, the use of MRI scanners.  The pandemic stopped all face-to-face contact as well as distracting the people they needed to talk to to address the more immediate medical crisis. To still get there by adapting all of their processes and building software to enable them to work remotely with each of these stakeholders is an amazing achievement.  They say even now the development team has never met face-to-face.  They are champions of remote work and should get a prize for this achievement.”

“They have re-visioned the way the office accommodation was being used for a hybrid future, adding an asynchronous aspect of the products themselves, such as BrainSightAI’s fMRIs available on the cloud natively.”

Judges included Wayne Turmel from Remote Leadership Institute; Gren Gale from PM Results; Cynthia Trivella from TalentCulture; Daniella Guzman from Mercer; Matthew Liptak from Scipher Medicine; Kaleem Clarkson of Blend Me Inc.; Chris Dyer from PeopleG2; and Maya Middlemiss of Healthy Happy Homeworking.

As an Omnis winner, BrainSightAI will receive US$10,000 to expand internationally with the help of Omnipresent, and free co-working day-passes for all employees from Hubble, the award category sponsor.  Other finalists in the Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working award category included Zeta Project Germany GmbH from Germany and SaleCycle from the UK, who also showed incredible innovation in asynchronous and hybrid work for their globally remote teams.

Other category winners of The Omnis announced to date include Willow Innovations for Outstanding Culture & Communication, Nexthink for Outstanding Learning & Development and Redeemeum for Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition.

The Omnis Event Series

“The Omnis has been a great way to showcase exciting examples of how companies are creating new standards in remote work,” said Linda Wang, Head of Marketing at Omnipresent. “The event series celebrates the winners but also allows for bigger conversations to develop around trends, disruptions, and new opportunities for leaders around the world. We’re so proud to have been able to create this platform for this type of conversation to help so many learn and develop their own skills relevant to today’s work environment.”

The Omnis event series continues on Thursdays at 4pm GMT to announce the winners in the Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits and Outstanding Reward & Recognition awards categories, December 9 and 16, respectively. Registration for the interactive, online events is free and open at omnipresent.com/theomnis. Registrants will also have access to recordings of previous events on-demand.

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