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Omnipresent Invests in its People and Product With New VP Product Michael Smith and HR Systems Integrations

October 6, 2021 3 mins read

As the world continues to shift to remote work amidst the pandemic, global employment services partner, Omnipresent, is investing in its global people and product. Serial scale-up product leader and ex-Google product manager, Michael Smith, joins the team as the new Vice President of Product, and will help drive Omnipresent’s international growth phase. One of his first projects was to launch new integrations to the OmniPlatform with the 24 most popular Human Resource Information Systems (HRISs), such as ADP Workflow, BambooHR, and Personio.

Smith brings more than 20 years of experience leading complex multi-million dollar products and platforms to market, such as Google Ad Exchange, SwiftKey,, and Prodigy Finance to Omnipresent. “I’ve personally experienced the challenge of international expansion while building engineering and product teams globally, in multiple companies and multiple scales,” said Smith. “We struggled with how to onboard people, pay them, and manage all the other logistics. We thought having our own entity was the only real solution. Now employers can easily find and employ the talent wherever they are, in a market where employees demand that of potential employers. Omnipresent’s value-add here is clear.

“Companies are increasingly looking globally to recruit the best talent and stay competitive in a global economy. We will scale with them, innovating and improving our Employer of Record product,” added Smith.

This new product software integration comes on the heels of Omnipresent closing its £11M Series A funding in only five months.

Human Resources Information System Integrations

Remote work is here to stay and companies wanting to stay competitive are looking for user-friendly, integrated software that will help smooth an often complex onboarding process. Omnipresent launches these new integrations to its OmniPlatform to make adding new employees anywhere in the world even easier.

“This integration gives our clients a unified application programming interface (API) that immediately provides the ability to smoothly handoff data between HR systems and Omnipresent,” said Tibet Fonteyne, Omnipresent Head of Product. "Our clients have given us some great feedback on their workflows, and we're very excited to be able to respond to that by integrating with the top HR systems in one pass. This is just the start; we're looking forward to working with our clients to deepen these integrations so they become ever more useful."

When onboarding a new employee through the OmniPlatform, managers can now pull information from any of the 24 different HRISs. Once selecting the employee they wish to employ through Omnipresent from their existing HRIS, the information is instantly pulled into the OmniPlatform. This new feature is the first step along the journey of allowing managers to stay within their HRIS as much as possible, simplifying their workflow.

Omnipresent currently partners with hundreds of businesses to help with the complexities of global remote work, including compliance, payroll and benefits. The company reached its goal of extending its international coverage to 80 countries by the end of 2020, and can now service more than 155 countries worldwide.

“We will continue to grow our product to help clients employ anyone, anywhere, and in any way,” acknowledged Smith.


Global employment partner Omnipresent provides client-focused, tech-enabled business solutions combined with personalized expertise to support hiring people globally. Businesses aiming to go global can hire and manage employees compliantly in more than 160 countries through the OmniPlatform, Omnipresent’s proprietary digital platform and SaaS product. Companies can easily integrate HR administrative duties, including payroll, expenses, taxes, and benefits, to let them focus on growing their business. As a fully remote company with no corporate headquarters, Omnipresent has grown from a team of two to more than 350 people distributed throughout 50+ countries worldwide since November 2019.

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