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Press Release

Omnipresent Raises $120M to Help Businesses Build Global Teams Compliantly

March 22, 2022 4 mins read

Investors from Europe, Asia, and America believe in the tech company’s unique position to drive the future of global work

[LONDON, UK — March 22, 2022] Omnipresent, the SaaS-based global employment partner, has raised $120 million in its Series B funding round. The amount includes a pre-Series B round in the second half of 2021 and follows seed and Series A rounds in April 2020 and December 2020.

The two-year-old company saw its team grow by 10X and revenue grow by 25X during 2021. This year, the fully remote company plans to hire several hundred more people to meet demand for its global employment platform.

“The world is seeing a tectonic shift in the way businesses work and hire: from local-first to global- and remote-first,” said Matthew Wilson, Omnipresent Co-founder and Co-CEO. “Omnipresent is catalyzing and accelerating this change. Every day, we see companies gaining from a global pool of the best talent, and employees benefiting from new access to career opportunities worldwide - regardless of where they live.” 

Omnipresent’s Series B Investors

This investment round was led by Kinnevik, a leading European growth investor, and Tencent, a global leading technology company. Uncorrelated Ventures, a San Francisco-based investor, also participated, rounding out an investor list from Asia, Europe, and America. 

Tencent and Kinnevik believe the future of work is global, and to win, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. Omnipresent’s global employment solutions equip companies with the tools they need to take advantage of these emerging trends and operate internationally. 

“Where Omnipresent sets itself apart is its expert understanding of local differences in a globalized world,” said Ola Nordbye, Investment Director at Kinnevik. “We have seen the benefits of its platform first-hand; companies are scaling their operations into new markets in ways they simply couldn’t achieve without Omnipresent’s support. The business model is differentiated, and we believe the team they’ve built is uniquely strong and can deliver on the vast market opportunity. We are very excited to partner with them in this next phase of their journey as they continue to scale and forge ahead globally.”

The Future of Global Remote Work
Proceeds from the current investment will be used to help build out Omnipresent’s new products and services, customer growth, and geographic expansion. The company will also add several hundred new members to its diverse, distributed team, who work remotely from around the world. 

Omnipresent is building a range of complex products that require investment in engineering and subject matter expertise across many jurisdictions. Therefore, the company will focus its recruitment drive on tech talent to accelerate and streamline product expansion.

“At a time when companies need to secure the best talent, they’re looking to benefit from the quality and diversity of a global workforce,” said Guenther Eisinger, Omnipresent Co-founder and Co-CEO. “But there are challenges to operating globally, from dealing with local labor laws to payroll taxes and employee benefits. Omnipresent helps solve these complexities and acts as a partner to help companies go global-first. We are here to provide the expertise, support, and guidance they need to be able to hire international talent located anywhere in the world.”

Omnipresent’s approach is to act as the legal employer on behalf of its clients in every country. Its easy-to-use, tech-enabled platform allows companies to onboard new hires compliantly worldwide, providing them with local contracts, tax contributions, and competitive benefits, such as health insurance, pensions, and paid leave. 

“Employers are no longer relying on their local area for the talent they need to grow their businesses,“ continued Eisinger. “It’s critical they have the best personnel in place to get that competitive advantage required for success. Our platform allows clients to tap into our local employment expertise for stress-free, efficient, and streamlined management of their global teams.”

Photo Caption: Omnipresent Management Team (Top row, left to right: Erik Olsson, VP of Global Operations; Lucy Ashenhurst, Lead Counsel; Guenther Eisinger, Co-founder & Co-CEO; Matthew Wilson, Co-founder & Co-CEO; Micheal Smith, VP of Product; and Tucker Dearth, CFO. Bottom row, left to right: Kaoru Fujita, Director of Global Sales; Kate Gray, Director of People & Talent; Pavan Madduri, Chief of Staff; and Linda Wang, Head of Marketing and Partnerships)

About Kinnevik

Kinnevik’s ambition is to be Europe’s leading listed growth investor, and we back the best digital companies for a reimagined everyday and to deliver significant returns. We understand complex and fast-changing consumer behaviours, and have a strong and expanding portfolio in healthtech, consumer services, foodtech and fintech. As a long-term investor, we strongly believe that investing in sustainable business models and diverse teams will bring the greatest returns for shareholders. We back our companies at every stage of their journey and invest in Europe, with a focus on the Nordics, and in the US. Kinnevik was founded in 1936 by the Stenbeck, Klingspor and von Horn families. Kinnevik’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s list for large cap companies under the ticker codes KINV A and KINV B.


Global employment partner Omnipresent provides client-focused, tech-enabled business solutions combined with personalized expertise to support hiring people globally. Businesses aiming to go global can hire and manage employees compliantly in more than 160 countries through the OmniPlatform, Omnipresent’s proprietary digital platform and SaaS product. Companies can easily integrate HR administrative duties, including payroll, expenses, taxes, and benefits, to let them focus on growing their business. As a fully remote company with no corporate headquarters, Omnipresent has grown from a team of two to more than 350 people distributed throughout 50+ countries worldwide since November 2019.

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