Global Growth Playbook: Strategies for Rapid Global Expansion

Global Growth Playbook: Strategies for Rapid Global Expansion

Unlock the formula to rapid global expansion with this comprehensive toolkit. Learn how Halfbrick added 25 team members across 17 countries in under two months, and how you can achieve similar payoffs. This guide serves as your roadmap, packed with actionable insights, strategic templates, and expert advice.

Our Global Growth Playbook isn't just another resource—it's your comprehensive strategic blueprint for conquering international markets. Inspired by the incredible achievements of Halfbrick, we’ll display how to scale across a staggering 17 countries in under two months led by the expertise of Omnipresent.

In the playbook, you'll find actionable tools, insights, and intelligent strategies to drive your business toward rapid global growth.

What’s inside:

  • Your strategic blueprint for rapid global dominance: Halfbrick's Case Study
  • 4 ready-to-use tools to help you expand: Cost calculator, global hiring navigator, country comparison tool, and a SMART goals worksheet
  • Strategies on how to craft a robust global expansion strategy
  • Data you need to make informed decisions for hiring your next international employee

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