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New Global Remote Work Awards - The Omnis - Introduce Excellence in Changing Employment Practices

Omnipresent Announces The Omnis Shortlist


Kate Gray

“The growth of global remote work has created many opportunities for organizations and their people. The future of work is remote, and companies are consistently trying new things, failing, and learning how to approach remote work as a corporate culture shift - from the practicalities to mindset. This new awards program will recognize success among employers who have raised the bar for their team members in every corner of the globe. Receiving an Omni recognizes remote hiring standards and elevates employer branding in a new way.”

Kate Gray, Head of People and Talent, Omnipresent

“Intense competition for talent, improved collaboration tools, and the pandemic have contributed to new ways companies look for, attract and retain their global talent pool. As a full-service employment partner to global companies, we have been working alongside organizations that are changing the global business environment. The Omnis recognize their collective efforts and set a new standard for what it means for leaders and leadership in remote employment.”

Guenther Eisinger, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Omnipresent

Tushar Agarwal - CEO from Hubble

Over the past 18 months, the world of work has changed dramatically; COVID has proven that working remotely doesn’t have to come at the expense of productivity, wellbeing, and success—and businesses the world over are now exploring what this means for their future working practices.

This transformation offers a huge array of benefits for both employees and employers; from improved employee happiness and wellbeing to reduced costs. But adopting such a major change is far from easy—so I’m very excited to be a part of The Omnis, which celebrate and encourage the companies taking on the challenge.

I’d encourage any company who is embracing the new world of work to enter these Awards; doing so is a fantastic way to get the recognition you deserve, and to showcase your forward-thinking attitude to potential new employees.

It’s crazy to think that “hybrid working” wasn’t even a phrase eighteen months ago. Now it dominates newspaper headlines every day. Organisations big and small are now working in completely different ways, to suit their varying business priorities and team preferences.

This is ground-breaking. Adopting a hybrid setup recognises that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the workplace; the pandemic has highlighted to us that the “workplace” is no longer a singular space, but a network of environments and experiences that are flexible, frictionless, and fulfilling. This could be the company HQ, a coworking space near where we live, an inspiring space for a creative brainstorm with our colleagues, or a unique space, in a new city, for our remote colleagues.

Flexibility, autonomy, and choice in where we work is now the #1 demand from workers all around the world. We believe that the organisations that respond to this will ultimately win the war for talent, and for good reason: they will have the happiest and most productive teams. This Award aims to celebrate that.”

Tushar Agarwal - CEO from Hubble


  • Wayne Turmel, Co-founder, Remote Leadership Institute
  • Gren Gale, Founder, PM Results
  • Cynthia Trivella, Managing Partner, TalentCulture
  • Daniella Guzman, Global Head of Social Media, Mercer
  • Matthew Liptak, Director, Talent Acquisition, Scipher Medicine


  • Tushar Agarwal, Co- Founder & CEO, HubbleHQ
  • Chris Dyer, Founder & CEO, PeopleG2
  • Peter Jackson, CEO, Bluescape
  • Pilar Orti, Director, Virtual not Distant

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