Roy Herrera Slok: "The Diversity at Omnipresent Makes Me Feel Like I Truly Belong"

With a multicultural background, Roy feels at home being part of the Omnipresent global team. Read his story here.

Roy Herrera Slok: "The Diversity at Omnipresent Makes Me Feel Like I Truly Belong"
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A global citizen

Roy describes himself as a “citizen of the Earth” rather than of a single country. His mother is Indonesian-Chinese, his biological father is from the Philippines, his stepfather is from the Netherlands, and his wife is Moldovan. He currently lives in the U.K. and has previously lived in the Netherlands and Indonesia. “The diversity of the Omnipresent team really resonates with me. Plus, add what we do - enabling people to work from anywhere - and you have the perfect fit.”

Despite being a fully distributed company, Roy still feels that sense of community within the business. He connects with colleagues daily over Zoom and is fortunate that some of his colleagues live nearby and have met up a few times since he joined.

A chance encounter with a former colleague led him to Omnipresent

Serendipity is a word that comes to mind when learning about Roy’s Omnipresent journey. He got started in the software quality engineering field by chance when a recruiter from an IT consultancy company contacted him for a role as a software tester.

After a while in that role, he bumped into a former colleague who highly recommended Omnipresent. Roy’s thrilled he did because he now gets to do the two things he loves: learning and collaborating with awesome people. “Helping the team to deliver the best quality software is also a reward on its own.”

Remote work gives him more time for family

Another thing Roy loves about working at Omnipresent is that it allows him to spend more time with his 23-month-old son. Being a father is incredibly important to Roy, and even a rough first year can't lessen his joy in this role. “Our son is a bad sleeper. For the first year, he did not sleep for more than one and a half hours at any one time. That said, it was worth every sleepless night when he called me ‘daddy’ for the first time!”

“Being a part of the Omnipresent team means a lot to me. Not only do I get more time to watch my son grow up, but I also get to contribute to a new world of work that will benefit so many others too.”

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