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"Working with Omnipresent has been amazing. It's genuinely just like an extension of ourselves"

Company Cervest
Location London, UK
Industry Climate Intelligence
Employees 100-500

How Omnipresent helps Cervest hire the brightest minds to build climate intelligence

Cervest is a pioneering B-Corp in the emerging climate intelligence sector. The business creates AI-powered climate intelligence to empower everyone to adapt with climate change. In doing so, Cervest aims to help build an equitable and resilient future for our planet.

Building climate intelligence requires highly specialized talent

Cervest is carving out a new sector to shape the way everyone approaches climate decisions. They needed to keep building their team of highly specialized, world-leading talent: earth scientists, flood monitors, and other really technical roles. Being remote-first means they can hire globally to find the absolute best talent.  

Not only that but they needed to hire at pace. Cervest’s People Operations Manager, Marie Favre, knew that they needed to partner with a trusted Employer of Record (EOR) provider that could match their speed while maintaining that human touch. That’s when she found Omnipresent.

Enabling Cervest to hire from a global talent pool - fast

Marie was taken by Omnipresent’s agile, human-centered approach to global employment. So while gearing up for their Series A, she decided to partner with us to scale their international hiring efforts. She was immediately struck by the way we onboarded new talent - with care and plenty of contact from our dedicated support team.

Working with Omnipresent enables Cervest to effectively hire the best people in their field from across the globe with speed and compliance. Above all, Marie is delighted that it’s a real partnership rather than a traditional client relationship.

A world-class team of climate experts

Having raised a $30M Series A, Cervest continues to build a global, remote-first team to create cutting-edge climate intelligence. This team has the power to change how we all make important decisions about our most valuable assets. And 30% of them are hired through Omnipresent.

Cervest is leading a $40 billion market, and they remain certain that hiring internationally is the best way to secure the very best people to power their business and mission.

Are you looking to hire world-leading experts to build innovative solutions? Omnipresent is your global employment partner. Get started now.

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