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Case Studies

"Omnipresent is there for us whenever we need them"

Company Ravelin
Location London, UK
Industry FinTech

About the client

Ravelin is helping prevent fraud. Using a combination of technologies they are able to predict risk with unmatched accuracy and speed, to enable their clients to accept payments with confidence.

The challenge

Ravelin already had a flexible work culture which encouraged remote-work where it was compatible with the business' requirements. and the pandemic saw a change in what their employees needed. As the lockdown continued, several employees had personal reasons for requesting to transfer abroad and work remotely on a permanent basis. This was when Ravelin began to explore what options would be available to support their employees who needed to relocate to different countries internationally.

For Ravelin, it was important to make sure employees feel like they were still part of the Ravelin team even when they were working abroad. This meant, for example, being able to consider what benefits they could offer on top of anything statutorily required like holiday days.

The solution

People Operations Manager Toni Georgieva began to explore several providers offering global employment services that could help with the international transfer and setup of their employees. After surveying different vendors, Ravelin settled on Omnipresent, which they had also been recommended as a partner for global employment.

Ravelin decided on Omnipresent because of its:

  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Quick response-rate across multiple time zones
  • User-friendly platform
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to Ravelin's needs

Unlike the other vendors that Ravelin had talked to, Omnipresent had coverage in Brazil, The Netherlands, Greece and Australia, Germany, Spain and Portugal - all the countries that Ravelin wanted to employ in, as well as a platform to centrally manage all their remote employees.

When compared to competitors that Ravelin had explored, Omnipresent's service was also more compelling, not only able offering a more cost-effective option, but one that also provided them with quick and accurate responses to their queries and catered to their specific needs.

Show the results

By partnering with Omnipresent, Ravelin was able to successfully build upon their existing remote-work policy while meeting their existing employees needs. Using the OmniPlatform, People Ops & Finance team can easily manage these remote employees in a single platform ensuring that they receive the same dedicated care as other Ravelin employees and feel part of the team. Having secured Omnipresent as a partner, Ravelin has since evolved their remote-work policy and is now set-up to hire from an international talent pool going forward, supporting Ravelin with its goal of being a remote-friendly company.

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