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More than a vendor: Why your EOR provider should be a true partner

Modern Employer of Record (EOR) providers might look like tech companies. But that doesn’t mean you should be looking for a vendor. Your business needs a global employment partner.
February 9, 2023 3 mins read
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When it comes to choosing your EOR provider, there’s one thing to keep top of mind. An EOR shouldn’t simply be another software vendor, like a project management tool or an HRIS. They should be your partner. And that makes a world of difference in how you select the right one for your business. 

The evolution of EOR providers

Rewind several years ago, and the EOR market was mostly consultative. EOR companies provided a service, but it was slow and involved a lot of back and forth over email. 

Now, many EORs have streamlined these processes using technology and automation. This saves time and speeds up onboarding. It also allows HR professionals to manage international hires on one simple platform. In other words, it makes your life much easier.

But this doesn’t mean that you should look for an EOR provider the way you search for other software vendors. Because EORs are much more than tech companies — or at least they should be.

Global employment is human-centric

Onboarding, paying, and managing talent on an international scale isn’t easy. You have to navigate different employment laws, employee benefits, and payroll systems. And you have to do all that while keeping your global team happy and engaged. 

Fortunately, EORs take away a lot of that administrative burden. And many of them do it using sleek technology. But technology alone isn’t enough to help your business and team thrive.

Global employment is deeply human. At the end of every process is a person who’s starting a new role or relocating abroad. It's someone who's relying on the next payday or undergoing sensitive performance management. Or it's someone who simply has a lot of questions and concerns.

And a standard tech vendor can’t provide that human touch your people need to feel valued and looked after.  A vendor is there to sell you a solution and then step aside. So you’re left with over-automated processes with no room for flexibility.

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A true partner

In comparison, a true EOR partner is there through it all, human to human. They can talk directly with your international hires to provide reassurance. They help you manage complex issues like visa sponsorship or disciplinary procedures. And they complement and boost your own employee experience efforts.

On top of that, they should work with you to help grow your business strategically.

A true EOR partner provides expertise on best practices, identifies promising hiring geographies, and helps you plan your next move. They understand your unique business needs and adapt their service to meet them.

Finding the right partner for your business

So, how do you find a true EOR partner instead of a vendor? The EOR market is pretty saturated right now, so it can be confusing to narrow down your options. But here are the main qualities you should look for when finding the right partner:

  • Tech and human expertise: Your EOR should provide a user-friendly platform and a team who can provide timely expert support.
  • Excellent employee experience: They should make onboarding, payroll, and offboarding as smooth as possible.
  • Worldwide coverage: They should operate in all the countries you want to hire in — and more. This will give you the flexibility to expand your global team further.
  • Great value for money: Don’t just think about upfront costs; consider the total cost. Watch out for hidden fees and corner-cutting. Speed should save money, but not at the expense of quality.
  • Proactivity: A good EOR partner should respond to queries quickly and anticipate your needs. 

At Omnipresent, we pride ourselves on being a true partner. Our experts are here to support you and your global team from onboarding to offboarding.

We use technology to enhance our service, but human support is never too far away. Most importantly, we give you peace of mind to build a world-class team with confidence.

So if you want the speed of automation with the flexibility of human expertise, contact our team to get started.

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