Alba Baeza Dovao: "Remote Working Has Allowed Me to Better Manage My Health"

Omnipresent's ability to connect people regardless of location was a massive plus for Alba, as was the opportunity to work remotely and focus on her health. Discover her story here.

Alba Baeza Dovao: "Remote Working Has Allowed Me to Better Manage My Health"
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Relishing the opportunity to help others

Alba has worked in customer success for over 12 years, and she spent the last eight in a managerial position. An avid music lover, her career gave her the opportunity to work at festivals and meet artists she never dreamt she’d see in person. As a Customer Success Coordinator at Omnipresent, she now gets to put all her experience and skills to good use helping employees and clients alike.

Alba is responsible for onboarding our clients’ new hires - an experience that can undoubtedly be daunting for employees, particularly as they’re based abroad. Alba, however, works hard to ensure they’re happy and confident as they start out in their new roles.

“Helping to onboard employees is really exciting. Starting a new job can be scary, but I’m so pleased that I can be there for them, ensuring they have as smooth an experience as possible. I also love that my job enables me to connect with people from all over the world.”

Communication is key

When it comes to the virtual work environment, Alba believes high-quality communication with teammates is the lynchpin that holds it all together.

“Working remotely can mean it’s harder to get to know your colleagues. So I use Slack to communicate with them regularly and host video calls to overcome this. I also organize weekly meetings, and so far, this is proving to be very successful and beneficial,” says Alba.

Demonstrating perseverance and strength to manage her health

Bringing people together isn’t the only thing Alba values about working at Omnipresent. She suffers from a chronic disease, and Omnipresent’s flexible remote work policy allows her to better deal with her condition.

“For me, the biggest advantage of remote working is that it means I can take better care of myself. I am fortunate that Omnipresent gives me time, mental strength, and incredible support so I can overcome those bad days.”

Alba has shown grit and determination as she sought multiple assessments to get a diagnosis. She had to, on her own, go to numerous doctors to get answers and then undergo multiple surgeries to help alleviate her condition. Despite these personal sacrifices, she knows it will all be worth it in the end, and she is understandably very proud of her fight for a diagnosis.

"During this time, I had to prove to myself and show others that I was not going to accept anything less than the truth. I've had to grow my mental strength as I went on this journey, but I think others can learn from my story, which makes me happy."

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