Chris Weddick: "I Feel Very Lucky That Working at Omnipresent Means I Could Relocate Closer to Family"

A long career in customer success management crisscrossing the Atlantic has given Chris the opportunity to live by his values and his commitments to family.

Chris Weddick: "I Feel Very Lucky That Working at Omnipresent Means I Could Relocate Closer to Family"
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Chris lives by the mantra, "Put your head down and work hard." It’s a philosophy that has served him well over the course of his career, which began in customer success management with Instructure, a unicorn SaaS company. It was a role that took him and his family across the pond from Utah to London, where he expanded Instructure’s customer success function to a team of 30 people. After Instructure, he worked at Integrate, another SaaS company where his main focus was on merging services, support, and customer success management teams into one large, global structure following an acquisition.

Timing is everything

Chris’s journey to Omnipresent began seven months before he joined when we were just a small team of five. Although the timing was not quite right when he initially spoke with our Head of People, even from those early conversations, Chris knew something special was being formed.

During his career, he experienced first-hand how critical it is to have an easy transition when moving to another location with a job. “I was impacted by a poor process when I moved to the U.K., so the very concept of Omnipresent and all that it enables hits close to home. I kept in touch, and after the Series A funding, the People team reached out to me again, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

The secret to delivering customer success

People like to tell Chris their problems, and he is always more than happy to listen and be a shoulder to lean on. It’s a trait he has expertly woven into his approach to his managerial style, and he is devoted to ensuring his team is happy and successful. As Omnipresent’s Director of Customer Success, Chris works with “a fantastic and hard-working Customer Success team who impress [him] daily." His work extends to all aspects of the customer relationship, including customer success management, support, and professional services. He and his team work hard to educate Omnipresent clients on our products and ensure they enjoy a successful partnership with us.

Building and maintaining strong family ties

Chris grew up in Utah, USA, as part of an American/Canadian/British multicultural family, and he’s hugely proud of them. That’s why flexibility is key. Getting out of the typical 9-5 office schedule means that he gets to spend more time with his children and teach them important life lessons as they grow.

“Before Omnipresent, I traveled a lot for work and was often away from my family. That’s no longer the case. In my lunch breaks, I now get to have snuggles and dance parties with my youngest son, who just turned one, and that has been magical!” Due to Omnipresent’s flexible working policy, Chris also gets more time to help out with school runs, coach his children's football team, and attend to his church responsibilities.

Equally as important, he also gets to be closer to family and to help out where needed. One of the most rewarding aspects of being part of the Omnipresent team is that Chris was able to relocate back to Utah after several years in London.

“My parents are getting older, so it’s pretty special that I get to share this time with them and show my boys where mum and daddy are from. I’m so grateful that I get to move continents while continuing to perform the job that I love with Omnipresent.”

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